Foggy Forest

  Yesterday I was clever 

       so I wanted to

    change the world.

     Today I am wise

,    so I am changing                   myself.                                              Rumi 


Theory Into Practice


Welcome to Theory Into Practice ~ a place to learn how to transform knowledge into action ~ where the goal is to overcome the inertia of intellectual excess so that thinking becomes doing; intention becomes manifest. Where the hopes and dreams and desire for change are wrested from the stagnant slough of “someday” to the active present of now.

As you come to these pages you are likely at a place in your life where you have acquired a great deal of knowledge – both intellectual and experiential. You have overcome obstacles. You have accomplished much. And yet there may be hurdles that await your stride. The call for growth beckons.

With no shortage of facts, data, or details to inform the seeker in their search, one often wonders, “What am I missing?” “Why am I stuck?” The question looms: “How do I get from here to there ~ from where I am, to where I want to be?”

This websay (web essay) intends to provide input