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                                                                             Trust the Process

You’ve heard the saying, but what does it mean?

What is the “process?” And how does one trust “it?”

Carl Rogers, a groundbreaking 20th century psychologist, was famous for his humanistic and client-centered theory. He espoused that all living things have within them the inclination to grow and thrive, provided they have the necessary and sufficient conditions. He asserted that growth and flourishing are natural results of that which is within the seed of being. When given the necessary and sufficient conditions of water, sunlight, and food – plants (and people) will grow.

And this is the process ~ the natural emergence of life from the seed. What remains is to allow that which is innately present within your seed self to come forth and flourish, trusting that you have within you the very essence of all you need to become your best self.

Your potential cannot be found in another person, your friends, your soulmate, your spouse. No – it lies within you. It is present at birth. It is who you are. Your potential may be dormant, covered, hidden from  sight, not yet brought into the light, but it is there nonetheless.

Trusting the process is the realization that transformation does not depend on external circumstances, but on internal ones. The kernel of possibility for whatever change you hope will happen in your life is already within you.


This is the starting point of trusting the process. Growth, change, becoming, flourishing ~ these are aspects you already possess. You need not strive to make them happen. Indeed, you cannot create them.

They already are. They are you.

Don’t get me wrong ~  there’s work to be done, just not the work you may think needs doing. Just as a beautiful garden thrives with cultivation, so, too, your inner life requires tending for it to blossom. Trusting the process means accepting that the seed self is waiting to emerge. The work to be done is not in striving to create who you are, but in allowing yourself to emerge.

What’s holding you back? What’s getting in the way?  You might start by asking yourself, “What is blocking my light?”  “Am I nourishing my soul?” “Am I watering my spirit?” “Is my natural development being choked out by weeds, and if so, what are they?”

Trusting the process means that as you attend to management of the necessary and sufficient conditions (enriching your soul, feeding your spirit, removing debris that holds you back) you will grow. Your life will flourish.

Are you cultivating your gifts and talents?

Do you know what they are?

Start now.

Take a minute (or three) to check in, to ask ~

"What am I about?"

"Where am I heading?"

"Who am I?" 

"Who would I like to be?"

Look within. Notice that which is intrinsic to being.

Water your soul. Feed your heart. Pull the weeds.


                                   And trust the process.

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