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I'm learning to trust the journey

even when I do not understand it.                  

                                                        Mila Bron




                                                   Who am I?

That is a question I often ask myself ~ along with, who am I becoming? and what am I about?

I am a clinical psychologist, yes, but that is a function I serve ~ a role ~ a calling, and a profession.

Ultimately,  I am a person, like you, in a vast universe, searching for meaning, striving for understanding, wanting to make sense of my place in the world, wanting to make a difference in the lives of others, hoping to matter.

What I am about is integrity, authenticity, transparency, and unabashed optimism.


I believe the best about others. I think that people can change, and often want to but don't know how.  


I am also realistic. I know that life can be rough. There's nothing fair about it. Most everyone I know has had their share of hard knocks. So part of what I am about is asking tough questions: How did things get the way they are? Why are things one way and not another? How can I change or impact the present to heal the past or influence the future? Or is that possible? And if it is, would it even matter?

At the very heart of me I am philosophical. I want to know what makes people tick. 


I want to know why, and what for, and how?


I believe this life is a journey ~ one which requires introspection, intentionality, and pause.


I believe we need each other on this journey. I am here because so many others before and around me helped guide the way, pick me up, dust me off, encourage me to keep going. I am in this profession as a gesture of gratitude in hope that I might lend a hand to those who are searching and seeking direction in their quest.  


Who am I?


 ~ someone who believes that life, and work, and being, and doing are not segmented, disjointed activities. It's all connected. Who we are is comprised of what we think, feel, believe, and do, which results in the people we become. 


It's complicated.


And simple.


I am about being present in every moment, to truly live. When sharing moments with those I meet in my practice, I am about being present and available for the work of therapy  ~  about creating a space of safety and trust, honoring the integrity of those who have invited me in. 

I offer to come alongside on this path called life ~ to share the lessons I've learned, and the tools that education, training, and experience have honed.


If you are seeking help navigating this thing called life, it would be my honor to share a part of your journey, to facilitate your process of understanding and growth.

Now, who are you?

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