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Words Matter

Words matter.

What you tell yourself matters most.

We are inundated with words – everywhere – and here, too, words you are reading now.

They matter  because the collection of them create your thoughts, ideas, concepts.


Words convey truth and error, beliefs and dreams, hopes and fears ~ lies we hear, and lies we tell ourselves.

Words form the basis of what we believe about ourselves and others.


The thoughts we think become a narrative, a story, a belief system – which can bolster and motivate or attack and destroy – both ourselves and others.


Words are weighty.

Self-talk. Internal monologue. Call it what you will. Everybody has a conversation going on in their head all the time.


One may be listening to others speak, and at the very same time be thinking about what one is hearing.


It’s happening now – as you read these words. You are having thoughts and ideas about what you are reading. It’s called meta thought – or metacognition. It’s part of who we are as humans. And it goes on all the time without much conscious attention.

Like water in a river that flows inexorably to the sea, your thoughts, through words, create a stream of reality that becomes your existence. What you tell yourself, or what you allow yourself to be told – forms the basis of your being – and ultimately your doing – or not doing. Perhaps your undoing?

Pay attention then. Not to me, but to yourself – your words – how you think, what you think.

Start to notice the energy words hold. Are you a “can do” person or  is your first thought that it “can’t be done”?

Do you use words such as “always”, “never”, “everyone” and “no-one”? Broad generalizations that seal the fate of how you see the world and yourself – often erroneously.

Do you see the best in a situation or the worst? What is your outlook? What do you consume - mentally? Are you ingesting mental junk food or nourishing your mind?


Your thoughts hold the key, and the key is your words. So pay attention.

You may have heard the saying, “As a man (woman) thinks in his (her) heart, so is he (she).”  

There has been much written on the subject of the power of thoughts – and the words that form them. For now it is enough to raise awareness to the basic premise that if you wish to make a difference in your own life, to change how you feel, to change your circumstances, to alter your trajectory – the starting point is within you – in how you think and the words that shape your thoughts.

Words matter.  

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